The EXACT same, BRAND NEW elliptical machines you get at retail outlets for LESS THAN HALF the retail price.

At SecondHand Sports & Gameswap, our elliptical machines are sold for less than half the retail price, giving you the workout suited for you, at a price suitable enough for your wallet. We proudly sell a variety of Xterra and Spirit machines. All of our new machines are scratch and dent, pre-assembled and ready to be taken home or delivered TODAY! The elliptical machine is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t want to run long distance on a treadmill, but still wants a great cardio workout! Get fit for much less than you thought possible with our unique buy, sell, and trade program. If you have any exercise equipment that has become a coat rack and want to trade in for something that better suits your exercise needs, please call, email, or come by with pictures or an owner’s manual and we’ll be happy to give you a quote on your equipment!

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